Victoria's Secret


Victoria's Secret is the largest retailer of lingerie, womenswear and beauty products with a 2 billion dollar e-commerce business. I was responsible for translating brand campaigns across all channels of the e-commerce site, as well as providing assets for the daily, and sometimes hourly, site updates. I also art directed and designed interactive editorial features that highlighted new products and trends within the site. For 'It's Showtime,' a feature which showcased the holiday campaign, I broke the mold on our editorial template and designed a long scrolling story that organized the campaign photography into color-blocked sections. I worked with a motion graphics artist to create subtle animations within the layout that related to the photography and incorporated video from the campaign commercial, which appeared when the user rolled over a specific image. For 'Sexy Little Fantasies,' we were searching for a way to unify a diverse set of costume photography. I illustrated a line drawing that ran continuously throughout the story and took the shape of objects that related to each costume being featured.


What's New  /  It's Showtime


What's New  /  You. Me. VS PJ's.


What's New  /  Sexy Little Fantasies