Refinery29 Rebranding


Refinery29 worked with the agency Wolff Olins to redefine their brand and create a new identity. The internal teams then used that new visual language to redesign the entire website and refresh the brand collateral. As part of this effort, I conceptualized and illustrated the iconography to support the website. The icons needed to reflect the new, bold design direction, communicate the personality of Refinery29 and be easily distinguishable at a small scale. I came up with a minimal illustration style that relied primarily on sharp angles. The result was a set of custom icons which effectively communicated to the audience while still projecting the fun and whimsy of the brand. In addition to the iconography, I designed a new communications package that showed off Refinery29's vibrant color palette and dynamic new mark. On the front of the business cards, I took a playful approach to the layout and ran the copy vertically. On the back, I emphasized the mark with a strong crop and flooded the background in 3 different florescent brand colors. The rest of the stationary followed suit with bright pops of color peeking out from envelope interiors.


Creative Direction - Piera Gelardi

Branding - Wolff Olins