On The Verge


On The Verge was a Refinery29 feature that showcased seven up-and-coming talents in the entertainment industry. I conceptualized and designed the program branding and web layout, and collaborated with the photo editor on a direction for the photography. I was interested in communicating the concept of coming into being. Within the branding, I strategically removed parts of the letterforms to create the illusion of words that are 'on the verge' of completion. To carry this concept through to the photography, we played with the tension of black and white. The subjects were often placed at the cross roads of these contrasting colors using the background and/or foreground props, reinforcing the concept of emergence. The minimalist set and styling allowed the talent to truly stand out in their surroundings. The final aesthetic was bold and powerful, yet sophisticated and elegant — a reflection of the featured talent.


Creative Direction - Piera Gelardi

Photography - Olivia Malone

Photo Editor - Sara McDowell