Lumen Media Kit


Lumen was a forward-thinking lounge, event space and nightclub located in Chicago's Fulton Market District. The owners wanted a dynamic space and a mixed-media environment that also incorporated sustainable design strategies. Their most unique feature was an interactive light installation, composed of approximately 5,000 LEDs, which stretched across the entire length of the ceiling. It was able to change colors, patterns and textures based on the music playing and could respond to the proximity and movement of customers with ripple-like effects. The interior also included custom-made, modular furniture crafted out of sustainable bamboo. The goal of the media kit design was to translate the unique features of this space into a printed piece. I chose a long, horizontal format to mimic the shape of the ceiling panels and furniture. The booklet was printed on a luminescent paper to incorporate a play of light. One of the owners, an artist himself, created the bamboo cases out of the same material used for the interior seating.