I Am Icon


Refinery29 teamed up with Swedish music stars Icona Pop to create the documentary I Am Icon — an 8-episode unscripted video series that followed the duo on tour with Miley Cyrus. I worked closely with the Creative Director on the overall visual direction, designed the program branding and directed the opening animation sequence of the video series. We wanted to capture the essence of the band which fuses pop, punk, digital, pounding beats, flashing lights and endless energy. The branding was inspired by the pulse of the band's music and the glow of stage lights. I sliced the font apart until a series of repetitive shapes emerged. The I, V and O were the only letterforms being used in this lock up and any gap were filled in by angular gradients. In effect, there is an underlying rhythm to the branding — similar to music. We carried the same themes over to the opening animation sequence. The imagery was shattered apart and reassembled in an almost kaleidoscope effect, while geometric shapes pulsed to the beat of the music.


Creative Direction - Piera Gelardi

Photography - Fredrik Etoall

Motion Graphics - Travis Spangler